About Us
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KBA Inc. is a Greater Toronto based full service architectural firm with OAA licensed architects providing services from planning/ design through construction administration & approvals.
The latest technology, including Revit (BIM) software, helps our designers and all members of the building team visualize the many components of a project and how they work together.

We provide our clients with all types of design services including:

  • Feasibility studies/ Facility Assessments  
  • Space planning/ Interior Design   
  • Architecture / Design‐Build
  • Site Plan Approvals/ Committee of Adjustments/ Building Permit 
  • Institutional/ Residential/ Corporate/ Commercial Design
  • M/E/P Engineering for small to medium size projects 
  • Project Bidding/Construction Management   
We also offer master‐planning, historic preservation, existing conditions assessment, sustainable design & LEED AP, energy audit, barrier free accessible design review & compliance training, 3D‐modeling / renderings / BIM,  and various construction management / construction review services.
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Choosing an Architect
A successful construction project fulfils your desires as the client, meets the needs of the users, and contributes to the general well-being of the environment. Such a project is the result of an effective working relationship between you and your architect.
Architects are trained to help you realize your objectives and guide you through the design and construction process. In particular, architects will help you through the complex regulatory building process including zoning bylaws, building codes, and contractors’ bids.
Education, training, and professional experience enable the architect to transform your ideas into design solutions that meet function needs.The architect – who serves as advisor, coordinator, and technical manager, as well as creative artist – can design and administer a contract resulting in a project that is completed on schedule, within budget, and to a high standard of quality.
Selecting the right Architect is one of the most significant decisions you can make.
(Source: Ontario Association of Architects)
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